Their Coaches Coaches

Coaches Photo June 2002 by John Maurer of Maurer Photography 34 East 2nd St.

Front row (State Champions Coaches) Loren Green, Deb Gallagher, George Valentine,
Carl Leedy, Steve Smalley, Bob Henikman.
2 nd row: (20-year careers) Ev DeVaul, Tom Williams, Barry Ferguson, Bud Plank, Jeff Burnett, Dave Smalley, Bob Nusbaum.
3 rd row: Teresa Cooper, Ed Bush, Nancy Noble, Jerry White, Pam Leonard, Bob Quackenbush,
John Saccomen.
4 th row: Paul Dienstberger, Gary Guemelata, Heath Grissinger, Ron Whitehill, Lonnie Miller, Herb Carr, Chris Stokes.
5 th row: Walt Harrop, Ron Hostler, Laurie Maurer, Gary Weisenstein, Dave Gray, Jim Minnich,  
Rod Alexander.
6 th row: Doug Hess, Jim Barr, Jim Deppen, Rob Lavengood, Scott Valentine, Carl White.
Back row: Dave Potter, Larry Otermat, Rick Crooks, Ginny Seaboyer, Albert McKinney, Ruth Stauffer, Doug Diercks, Karl Schlotterer.


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